The pygmy goat is hardy, good natured, genetically small, cobby and compact. Head, neck and legs are short in relation to body length. The body is full-barrelled and well muscled, circumference in relation to height and weight is proportionally greater than in other breeds. Sexual characteristics are clearly defined. The overall picture is that of an alert, animated goat of pleasing proportions.


Females are considered mature at 24 months, males at 30 months, although some animals may continue to grow after this age.

The following apply to mature animals: Height at withers
                                                         Males - min' 17" (432mm) max' 22" (560mm)
                                                         Females - min' 17" (432mm) max' 21" (533mm)

Cannon length (front) measured from extremities of knee and pastern joint, bent perpendicular to cannon bone;- min' 3½" (89mm) max' 4½" (115mm)



Short to medium long, profile straight or dished, well rounded muzzle with full chin and even bite. Forehead broad, flat to concave. Eyes set well apart, bright, dark, prominent but not protruding. Ears medium sized, firm and alertly mobile.Genetically horned but disbudding permissible.


Shorter and rounder than other breeds, tassles if present, placed symmetrically on neck.


Well angulated and well attached.

Heart girth

Large due to long, well sprung foreribs, chest floor wide and full at point of elbow.

Body capacity

Large in proportion to size of animal, providing ample digestive and reproductive capacity, strength, vigour and stamina. Barrel broad and deep, increasing in width towards flank, giving an impression of perpetual pregnancy, symmetrical and well supported by firm abdominal wall and well sprung ribs.


Strong, laterally straight, the chine should be nearly level, sloping down from the withers and then blending smoothly into the loin, loin nearly level, rising slightly towards rump. The loin should be wide, well muscled and strong.


>Gradual slope. neither level or steep. Hips wide, nearly level with the back.


high and wide apart. Pin bones wide apart, somewhat lower than hips. Pronounced tail, set high, wide at base, held straight