Okehampton Show 12th August 2021

Judge: Mr Tim Bee


 FEMALE KID Entered 18 Forward 14
1st Willowbrae Orla. Franklin.
2nd Willowbrae Fleur. Franklin.
3rd Willowbrae Lola. Franklin.


GOATLING Entered 8 Forward 7
1st Willowbrae Florence. Franklin.
2nd Willowbrae Lilly. Franklin.
3rd Willowbrae Periwinkle. Franklin.


ADULT FEMALE Entered 13 Forward 7
1st Willowbrae Laurel. Franklin.
2nd Worthen Trixie. Foote.
3rd Richmor Honeyelsa. Franklin.


VETERAN FEMALE Entered 1 Forward 1
1st Blendylake Astrid. Foote.

DAM & PROGENY Entered 9 Forward 6
Placed in order of most improvement from Dam to Progeny.
1st Larkfield Rosemary. Franklin
2nd Prowse Dixie. Stoyle
3rd Willowbrae Laurel. Franklin

MALE KID Entered 4 Forward 2
1st Willowbrae Dougal. Franklin.
2nd Willowbrae Harris. Franklin.


BUCKLING Entered 3 Forward 2
1st Willowbrae Fergus. Franklin.
2nd Gracken Atlas. Bodley.


ADULT MALE 3 Entered 3 Forward
1st Barhams Mill Stanley. Franklin.
2nd. Willowbrae Oscar. Franklin.
3rd Gruszelier Goron. Foote.


SIRE & PROGENY 3 Entered 2 Forward
Placed in order of the group whose progeny most clearly displays the inherited positive qualities of the sire.
1st Barhams Mill Stanley. Franklin
2nd Gruszelier Goron. Foote



PET FEMALE 1 Entered 1 Forward
1st Appleford Buttercup. Bowden.

WETHER 6 Entered 6 Forward
1st Prowse Gus. Stoyle.
2nd Trevilla Derek. Tretton.
3rd Appleford Billy. Bowden.


PAIR OF GOATS 5 Entered 2 Forward
In order of similarity of the pairings: -
1st Willowbrae Laurel & Lilly. Franklin
2nd Prowse Harriet & Horace. Stoyle

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YOUNG HANDLER 3 Entered 3 Forward
1st Rowan Tretton.
Joint 2nd Meryn Tretton
Joint 2nd Piran Tretton.


BEST PET Prowse Gus (Wether) Stoyle
RESERVE BEST PET Trevilla Derek (Wether) Tretton


BEST IN SHOW Willowbrae Fergus (1st Buckling) Franklin
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Willowbrae Florence (1st Goatling) Franklin

21Oke11 BIS
*Photos by Mr Tim Bee