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  • Committee Posts

    There are three vacancies on the PGC National Committee to be filled from April 2015. The three posts are: Chair, Secretary and General Committee Member (Regions 1-4).
    Nomination forms can be obtained from Sharon Davies and should be returned to her by Friday 24th October 2014. The Job Descriptions will appear in the September edition of 'Notes'.
    Voting forms will be posted with the December edition of 'Notes'.

  • Membership Fees Become Due on October 31st

    A renewal form was included in your September issue of Notes. If you do not renew you will not receive your December issue of Notes.
  • Stop Press - New ID Regulations

    New rules from DEFRA on identifiying and movement reporting for sheep and goats.
    See especially the 'Guidance for Keepers in England:Rules for Identifying Sheep and Goats' - under further information.

Pygmy Goats

  • Front Page 4
  • Front Page 1
  • Front Page 3
  • Tyn-y-wern-Badger Tony Brown
  • Rosebank Bluebell
  • Front Page 2
  • Mountcross Honey Patch
  • Kids-GillDixon
  • Breed-Show-BIS-Female
  • Breed-Show-BIS-male
  • Domino & Flint - Clare Bailey
  • Tanzanite - Alan Prince
  • Lipstick, Powder & Paint - Aly Harry
  • Tyn-y-wern Badger - Tony Brown
  • Rosebank Bluebell - Tony Brown
  • Lipstick - Aly Harry
  • Mountcross Honeypatch - Richard Morris
  • Kids - Gill Dixon
  • Breed Show BIS female - Richard Morris
  • Breed Show BIS male - Richard Morris

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About The Club

The PGC was formed in 1982 to protect the interests and improve the status of pygmy goats in Great Britain. Membership offers the opportunity to:

  • Obtain and exchange information via the quarterly magazine “PYGMY GOAT NOTES", the PGC website and social media forums. 
  • Register herd names; enter Pygmy Goats in the PGC Pet Record; enter qualifying goats in the PGC Herd Book.
  • Attend PGC meetings and exhibit at shows.
  • Have a voice in the affairs of the PGC and take an active part in protecting and promoting Pygmy Goats in the United Kingdom


PGC Code of Conduct

As a member of the Pygmy Goat Club, I agree:
  • To abide by the rules of the Club.
  • To consider the welfare of my goats and the best interests of the breed above any personal gain or profit.
  • To be honest in advertising and record-keeping/registration of stock.
  • To familiarize myself with the Pygmy Goat Breed Standard and to use it as a guide in breeding and evaluating pygmy goats.







New Website

Welcome to the New Pygmy Goat Website

I'm afraid I was unable to preserve your password details, so to set yourself up with access to the website member details please do the following.

1) Member Login – click forgot password
2) Enter email address click submit and email sent
3) Then asks for username and verification code
4) Enter username which has been made up of your surname followed by your joining year i.e. Grundy1994, in the case it was entered
5) Paste in verification code
6) Click submit
7) Taken to enter Password page – type in new password twice
8) Should then give you a success message and let you enter username and password to log in to site
9) Your details and Members Only menu entry should be displayed

If you have any problems gaining access please e-mail me (click on link below)

John JRFComputing
If you would like to see your goat pictures on the Pygmy Goat Club website you can sent them to Clare. We need portrait images for the home page and either portrait or landscape for the Goat Gallery. If you have emailed images and they are not added and you get no email response from Clare - please resend your images, a single image per email as sometimes large emails can block inboxes.