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  • *New Photograph Competition*

    Members must Login,  you will then find the Photographic Competition listed under the Online Herdbook tab. 
    To vote, click the circle to the left of your chosen image, then click the blue Vote button at bottom of page.
    Please note that you can only vote ONCE and closing date for voting is December 4th.

  • Kidding Survey

    Breeders, would you be willing to participate in a pygmy goat kidding survey?
    We hope to ascertain the percentage of kidding problems and their possible causes by asking breeders to complete a simple annual questionnaire over a 3 year period. All names will be kept confidential. To register or request more details please contact Peter Mercer

Pygmy Goat Slideshow

  • Mountcross Honey Patch
  • Rosebank Bluebell
  • Sawyer2
  • Kids-GillDixon
  • Saffron
  • kidsmiling
  • Front Page 1
  • Breed-Show-BIS-Female
  • Front Page 4
  • Breed-Show-BIS-male
  • Front Page 2
  • Mountcross Honeypatch - Richard Morris
  • Rosebank Bluebell - Tony Brown
  • Marshview Sawyer (Tom) from Penn Renn
  • Kids - Gill Dixon
  • Freddie and Saffron - from Becky Sharp
  • "Smile Please"
  • Tanzanite - Alan Prince
  • Breed Show Res.BIS 2014 - Foxearth Ffion
  • Domino & Flint - Clare Bailey
  • Breed Show BIS 2014 - Gallaine Morgan
  • Breed Show BIS 2015 - Alwena Rebeca
  • Lipstick - Aly Harry


Welcome to the official website of the Pygmy Goat Club of Great Britain. This is the main hub of information for anyone interested in the wonderful pygmy goat. Whether pet keeper, breeder or exhibitor, this website aims to assist, educate and provide contact details for the PGC officers and advisors.  If you cannot find what you are looking for here, or have suggestions for improvements or additions please contact us - click here.

Featured Article

The Mating Season

The Mating Season is upon us. Once into September, most goatkeepers with breeding stock turn their attention to finding a suitable stud male/s for their breeding females.  Read More  >>>>

About The Club

The PGC was formed in 1982 to protect the interests and improve the status of pygmy goats in Great Britain. Membership offers the opportunity to:
  • Obtain and exchange information via the quarterly magazine “PYGMY GOAT NOTES", the PGC website and social media forums. 
  • Register herd names; enter Pygmy Goats in the PGC Pet Record; enter qualifying goats in the PGC Herd Book.
  • Attend PGC meetings and exhibit at shows.
  • Have a voice in the affairs of the PGC and take an active part in protecting and promoting Pygmy Goats in the United Kingdom


PGC Code of Conduct

As a member of the Pygmy Goat Club, I agree:
  • To abide by the rules of the Club.
  • To consider the welfare of my goats and the best interests of the breed above any personal gain or profit.
  • To be honest in advertising and record-keeping/registration of stock.
  • To familiarize myself with the Pygmy Goat Breed Standard and to use it as a guide in breeding and evaluating pygmy goats.
Copyright of the PGC Logo is held by the PGC National Committee.  Use of the Logo by any person or organisation is not permitted without the written consent of the Committee.