About the Club

The PGC was formed in 1982 to protect the interests and improve the status of pygmy goats in Great Britain. Membership offers the opportunity to:

  • Obtain and exchange information via the quarterly magazine “Pygmy Goat Notes", the PGC website and social media forums
  • Register a herd name, enter qualifying goats in the Herd Book and non-qualifying goats in the Pet Record;
  • Attend PGC meetings and exhibit at shows.
  • Have a voice in the affairs of the PGC and take an active part in protecting and promoting pygmy goats in the United Kingdom. 

PGC Code of Conduct

As a member of the Pygmy Goat Club, I agree:

  • To abide by the rules of the Club.
  • To always behave ethically and present a positive image of the Club.
  • To consider the welfare of my goats and the best interests of the breed above any personal gain or profit.
  • To be honest in advertising and record keeping/registration of stock.
  • To familiarize myself with the Pygmy Goat Breed Standard and to use it as a guide in breeding and evaluating pygmy goats.