Breeders List

Breeders shown in this List are members of the Pygmy Goat Club in 2022 and have applied to be included by fully completing the Breeders List Application Form, and they have supplied CAE and Johne's accreditation certificates where specified.

If you are a PGC member in the current calendar year and you wish to be added to this list please complete the Breeders List Application Form. If you wish your details to be changed or removed from this list please contact Dawn Abbott using the details on the Breeders List Application Form.

Inclusion in this Breeders List does not guarantee that all goats are registered in the PGC Herdbook (and therefore pure-bred), and buyers should confirm this with breeders.

Inclusion in this Breeders List does not suggest endorsement by the Pygmy Goat Club.

The Pygmy Goat Club accepts no responsibility for any problems that may arise before, during or after any sale or breeding.

Notice to Buyers

Before purchasing registered goats you are advised to view PGC Registration Certificates and check the seller is a member of the PGC in the current calendar year and is the owner stated on the registration certificate.

Before contacting any breeders or owners of Stud Males we recommend that you read our Guidelines for Buyers and contact your nearest PGC Regional  Advisor.

Pygmy Goat Buyers and Sellers - Coronavirus

During the coronavirus pandemic there has been an increased demand for pygmy goats especially as they are increasingly portrayed as 'cute' or 'the new dog' and prices of puppies have soared. Despite the impression sometimes given in social media, especially in posts from the USA, pygmy goats are kept in a stable, barn or large shed and NOT kept inside homes. Pygmy goats are herd animals and at least two pygmy goats need to be kept together. Pygmy goats will be ready to leave their mother when they are no longer dependent on milk and are eating hay and other fibre, browse and hard feed, which is normally around 12-14 weeks of age. Pygmy goats are not bottle fed away from their mother except in rare circumstances as this can sadly result in distress, illness and death. In the UK all pets are covered by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and pygmy goats are also covered by Livestock regulations and there are legal requirements in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland e.g. CPH number, Herd Mark and Movement Licence.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 a pet owner has a legal duty to ensure the welfare of their animal[s]. A pet's welfare needs include a proper diet, somewhere suitable to live, any need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals, allowing animals to express normal behaviour, free from pain, suffering, injury and disease.


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