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Official Websites Dept.of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  British Goat Society
  Animal Reporting and Movement Licences
Goat Health Goat Veterinary Society
  SRUC Premium Sheep & Goat Health Schemes
  Postal Worm Count 
  Postal Worm Count 
  Postal Worm Count 
  Mineral Supplements 
  Goat Biology 
Goat Rescue/Rehoming Buttercups Goat Sanctuary
  Goats Galore  
  Ferne Animal Sanctuary
 Goat Equipment Suppliers Homestead Farm Supplies
  Frenchall Goat Supplies
  KiwiKit Roxan Eartags 
  Allflex Eartags  
  Dalton Eartags
  Goat Nutrition
Other Pygmy Goat Organisations National Pygmy Goat Association of America
Livestock Information Resources Pocket Farm Magazine
  Smallholder Magazine
  Country Smallholding Magazine
  Maxine Kinne (US author of useful articles)