Average lifespan 10-15 years
Normal body temperature 102-104°f (39.1 - 40°c)
Normal pulse rate 70-95 beats per minute (faster for kids)
Normal respiration rate 20-24 per minute
Rumen movement 1-1.5 per minute
Gestation period 145-157 days (average 150 days)
Heat (oestrus)cycle 18-24 days (average 21 days)
Length of heat 12-48 hours (average 1 day)
Weaning age (recommended) 12 weeks
Males sexually mature 10-12 weeks
Females onset of heat 7-12 months*
Dehorning (by veterinary surgeon) By 7 days
Castration; Using elastrator ring 7 days
Surgical method (by vet) No age limit

*we recommend that females are mated for the first time no earleir than 18 months of age.