Members will be aware that we have recently made changes to the Pygmy Goat Club (PGC) Breeders List. Breeders who would like to be included on this list must now agree to adhere to PGC Rules and the Code of Conduct and in addition sign up to specific aspects of good practice relating to animal welfare as well as the ethics of the club.
As a club we would like to promote these expectations amongst ALL members who breed and sell their goats, not just those who wish to be on the PGC Breeders List.

Here is a list of key expectations of a responsible pygmy goat breeder:

Pygmy Goat Welfare
• only sell kids that are at least 12 weeks old and have been able to feed independently of their mother by eating hard food e.g. hay, browse and goat mix prior to the sale
• only sell kids that have been vaccinated to control Tetanus, Pulpy kidney and Struck, Lamb Dysentery
• only sell castrated male kids as pets and only sell entire male kids if they are a particularly good example of the breed
• provide buyers with past medical, current feed and other details to ensure the welfare of kids and adult pygmy goats
• provide prospective buyers with details of the health status of the herd and the goat(s) sold e.g. Johne’s disease, CAE and CLA, and FEC results.

PGC Registration Practices
• only offer pygmy goat stud services using entire males registered in the PGC Herd Book & provide details of the goat’s health status and a Service Certificate
• only sell pygmy goats for breeding (females and entire males) which are registered in the PGC Herd Book.
• only sell pygmy goats that are either registered in the PGC Herd Book or included in the PGC Pet Record.
• personally arrange the registration and transfer of all goats sold while a member of the PGC, so that the buyer’s ownership is registered in the Herd Book or Pet Record.

Any current member wishing to be included on the official PGC Breeders list can download the Breeders List Application form here or find it under the About Us and Forms menus on this website.

Nigel Keen,.December 2021