Introduction by Frances Mullin, May 2022
Most goat keepers are aware of how worms can affect their animals, but fewer are aware of another internal parasite which can be a problem - Liver Fluke. This is a parasite that attaches to the liver. It can be found in damp pastures, or near ponds or ditches. It can be detected from faecal sampling, but is not usually included in commercial worm tests, so a specific test is needed. It can go undetected in the early stages, as the goats look 'fat' due to swelling of the abdomen, but condition is gradually lost on the body, and the goat wastes away. The symptoms can be very similar to those of Johnes Disease.
Further information can be found via the following links:
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Internal Parasites of Goats by Bibby Thomas, Farm Vet at Shepton Vets and Smallholder owner

An article is planned to be written for the Pygmy Goat Club by Vetinerary Surgeons.