Herdname & Herd Prefix

Herdname and Prefix are used in different ways in different clubs and societies.

In the Pygmy Goat Club:
The term ‘Herdname’ identifies a herd of goats bred by a particular breeder.

The Herdname is the name that goes before a goat’s individual name
e.g. Cassandra and Hugo were bred as part of the herd that has the Herdname SCATTER. Cassandra's name in the Herd Book is therefore SCATTER CASSANDRA and Hugo’s name in the Pet Record is SCATTER HUGO.

We recognise that some members use the terms ‘Herdname’ and ‘Prefix’ inter-changeably but if you wish to request an identifier for your herd use the ‘Herdname Application Form’ and if you are looking for goats from a particular herd in the online Herd Book search using the Herdname.

For completeness, within a goat’s Registration Number the first 3 letters are referred to as the Herd Prefix. These are designated by the Registrations Officer from the letters included in the Herdname.
e.g. SAT is the Herd Prefix for Herdname SCATTER so SCATTER CASSANDRA’s Registration Number is SAT-4-HB (in the Herd Book), and SCATTER HUGO’s Registration Number is SAT-21-P (in the Pet Record).