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Very sadly pygmy goat kids are stolen every year, often when they are not weaned and are too young to leave their mothers. They will not have had the full course of vacinations and other health checks required before they go to a new home. 

If you are buying kids always ask to see their mother(s). If kids are up to 12 weeks old they will normally be with their mother and behave like a settled family group. Up to 12 -14 weeks of age kids will normally still be learning how to eat hay, browse and hard food from their mothers. Be extremely wary if you are offered kids to bottle feed especially if you have no prior experience of bottle feeding and keeping goats. Kids whose source of milk is from their mother are unlikely to find it easy to switch to bottle feeding in a new environment without considerable distress and potential illness, possibly resulting in death. 

Check that kids are primarily eating hay and other fibre, browse and goat mix, and therefore can live independently of their mother, before taking them home. This will normally be the case by 12 -14 weeks of age.