The National Breed Show hosted by the Cheshire County Show 
Wednesday 20th June 2012 

Judge: Pat Mercer

Female Kid A (12 forward)
1st Alwena Cerys, W&R Kinsey,
2nd Oakton Kunfupanda, Oakton Stud,
3rd Smalley Rosa, JL Bailey
 Winners Female Kid (A)

Female Kid B (12 forward)
1st Foxearth Cinnamon, JL Bailey,
2nd Calderbank Elan, Mr&Mrs G Wearden,
3rd Calderbank Cocoa, Mr&Mrs G Wearden
Winners Female Kid (B)

Best Kid: Foxearth Cinnamon         Res: Alwena Cerys
Goatling A (9 forward)
1st                                          ,
2nd Sunrise Caitlin D Laycock,
3rd Alwena Iola W&R Kinsey
1st Goatling A/Best Goatling

Goatling B (6 forward)
1st Dreamers Patience T Cater,
2nd Goldbirch Sienna S Loakes,
3rdSmalley Robyn L Hardy
Best Goatling:                                 Res: Sunrise Caitlin
Adult Female A (11 forward)
1st Foxearth Camomile L Hardy,
2nd Foxearth Ffion W&R Kinsey,
1st Ad Female A/Best Female

Adult Female B (14 forward)
1st  Foxearth Izzy L Hardy,
2nd Alwena Glesni W&R Kinsey,
3rd Sunrise Caz D Laycock
Adult Female B

Best Adult Female: Foxearth Camomile
Res: Foxearth Ffion
Veteran Female (3 forward)
1st Peakhill Fluere Oakton Stud,
2nd Mountcross Viann W&R Kinsey,
3rd Foxearth Penny JL Bailey
Male Kid (7 forward)
1st Dreamers Henry T Cater,
2nd Dreamers Hector T Cater,
3rdAlwena Lewys W&R Kinsey
Winners Male Kid 

Buckling (6 forward)
1st Calderbank Will-i-am Mr&Mrs G Wearden,
2nd Alwena Haydn W&R Kinsey,
3rd Foxearth Heath F Mullin
1st & 2nd Bucklings

Adult Male (5 forward)
2nd Mountcross Honeyboy W&R Kinsey,
3rd Sunrise Chas D Laycock

Sire & Progeny (5 forward)
2nd Heatherview Herb T Cater,
3rdMountcross Honeyboy W&R Kinsey

Dam & Offspring (11 forward)
1st Dreamers Precious T Cater,
2nd Mountcross Viann W&R Kinsey,
3rd Solomons Kaytwo Oakton Stud

Pet Section
Pets 8 weeks to two years (7 forward)
1st Dreamers Kenny T Cater,
2nd Chawney Nougat J Hampton,
3rdOakton George J Eardley
Pets 2 years & over (6 forward)
1st Alwena Bryn Mr&Mrs F Mullins,
2nd Oakton Domino J Eardley,
3rdAlwena Bedo Mr&Mrs F Mullins
Best Pet

Pair of Goats (3 forward)
1st Alwena Tudor& Alwena Glesig  W&R Kinsey,
2nd Foxearth Camellia & Heath Mr&Mrs F Mullins,
3rd Alwena Rhoslyn & Iola W&R Kinsey
Young Handlers (4 forward)
2nd Tabatha Gallemore,
3rd Dan Milner,
4th Harvey Gallemore
Res. Best Pet: Dreamers Kenny
 Best Pet: Alwena Bryn
RBIS: Dreamers Henry
BIS: Calderbank Will-i-am
Best-In-Show            Reserve Best-In-Show
* Show Photographs taken by Mathew Murray.