HATFIELD SHOW  18th August 2012

Judge: Mrs S. Hunt

Female Kid
       1st        Patchouli Pippa                Rebecca Kochman
       2nd        Sunnydene Lacey             A.George/R.Prout
      3rd        Patchouli Peggy               Rebecca Kochman

1st Female Kid

1st        Marshview Ebonite                  H. Breakell
           2nd        Sunnydene Sapphire               A.George / R Prout
           3rd        Sunnydene Amber                   A.George / R Prout

1st Goatling

Adult Female
1st        Marshview Finty                    H. Breakell
     2nd        Rosebery Erin                  Rebecca Kochman
     3rd        Sunnydene Fern               A.George / R Prout

1st Adult Female & Reserve BIS

1st        Joby                     S. Fisher
2nd        Darcey                 S. Fisher
3rd        Ruben                  S. Fisher

1st Wether & Best Pet
Pet Female
1st     Willow            Alison Scull
2nd     Barley             Fiona Cook

Pair of Goats
1st Sunnydene Sapphire & Sparkle    George/Prout
2nd Commonlane Ariel & Simba            Fiona Cook
3rd Ruben & Darcey                                S. Fisher
Junior Handler
1st Zoe Wilkinson
2nd  William Scull
1st Junior Handler

Goat The Judge Would Most Like to Take Home
1st  Jack                              Mrs S Fisher
2nd  Patchouli Peggy    Rebecca Kochman

BEST-IN-SHOW;        Marshview Ebonite

Reserve B.I.S;                Marshview Finty

BEST PET;       Joby

Reserve Best Pet;    Willow

Reserve BIS                               Best-in-Show