Held at Machen Agricultural Society Show
2nd July 2011

Judge: Peter Mercer

Female Kid A
1st Sunnydene Spice George & Prout

Female Kid B
1st Dreamers Patience Cater & Hemming
2nd Larkfield Misty Mrs S Davies
3rd Blendylake Beatrice Mrs L Cole

Best Female Kid: Dreamers Patience  Reserve Best Kid: Sunnydene Spice

Goatling A
1st Romac Lux  R McHale
2nd Sunnydene Sparkle George & Prout
3rd Dowgas Daisy Mrs J Clarke

Goatling B
1st Ryefield Francine W & R Kinsey
2nd Tyn-y-wern Pixie J Ward 
3rd Larkfield Lily Mrs S Davies

Best Goatling: Ryefield Francine  Reserve Best Goatling: Romac Lux

Adult Female A
1st Foxearth Ffion W & R Kinsey
2nd Tyn-y-wern Cariad J Ward
3rd Camborn Tasha C Tough

Adult Female B
2nd Romac Lollypop R McHale
3rd Millview Casey  Mrs S Davies

Best Adult Female:                            Reserve Best Adult Female: Romac Lollypop
Veteran Female
1st Solomons Barley  Mrs J Clarke
2nd Dowgas Peppercorn Mrs J Clarke
3rd Camborn Pixie A & J Camfield
Male Kid (6 entries)
1st Alwena Ianto R&W Kinsey
2nd  Alwena Haydn R&W Kinsey,
3rd Blendylake Galoway Mrs L Cole

1st Sunnydene Ace George & Prout
2nd Sunnydene Storm George & Prout
3rd Tyn-y-wern Angus J Ward

Adult Male
1st Camborn MrChips A & J Camfield
2nd Mountcross Honeyboy R & W Kinsey
3rd Tyn-y-wern Frankie J Ward

 Sire & Progeny
1st Mountcross Honeyboy R&W Kinsey
3rd Camborn Sandstorm A & J Camfield
Dam & Offspring
1st Romac Lollypop R McHale
2nd Dreamers Precious Cater & Hemming
3rd Dowgas Dixie Mrs J Clarke

Pet Female
1st Blendylake Shasta Mrs L Cole
2nd Foxearth Megan W & R Kinsey
3rd Meadowside Leisha E O'Connell

Wether A
1st Camborn Pip J Jones
2nd Dowgas Charlie E O'Connell
3rd Briarmount Peter L.Hunt

Wether B
3rd Dowgas Alfie Mrs S Davies
3rd Dowgas Donald Mrs J Clarke
3rd Blendylake Lysander L Hunt

Pair of Goats
1st C Tough
2nd J Clarke
3rd W Kinsey

Young Handler 9 and under
1st Libby Alvis
2nd Cian Jones

Young Handler 10 and over
1st E. O'Connell
2nd Olivia King
3rd Arron Cork
Best Young Handler: E.O'Connell  Reserve Junior Handler: Olivia King

Res. Best Pet: Camborn Pip
Best Pet: Blendylake Shasta
Res. B I S: Camborn MrChips
 B I S: