Holsworthy Show 25th August 2011

Judge: Mrs Pat Mercer

Female Kid (6 entries)
1st Sunnydene Amber George & Prout
2nd Larkfield Misty Mrs S Davies
3rd Danewood Eleanor Mrs L Cole
1st Female Kid

Goatling (4 entries)
1st Larkfield Lily Mrs S Davies
2nd Sunnydene Sparkle George & Prout
3rd Millview Daisy N Gladwell

IMG 0276 1
1st Goatling/Best-in-Show

Adult Female (9 entries)
1st Millview Casey Mrs S Davies
2nd Blendylake Blythe Mrs L Cole
3rd Treverbyn Flossie George & Prout
IMG 0279
1st Adult Female/Reserve Best-in-Show

Veteran Female (4 entries)
1st Treverbyn Duchess
2nd Rowan Rosita G Ruddock
3rd Rowan Rosafi G Ruddock

IMG 0282
1st Veteran Female

Male Kid (4 entries)
1st Millview Elliot Mrs S Davies
2nd  Blendylake Galoway Mrs L Davies
3rd Larkfield Milo Mrs S Davies

IMG 0286
1st Male Kid

Dam & Offspring (5 entries)
1st Blendylake Blythe Mrs L Cole
2nd Rowan Rosita G Ruddock
3rd Lufflands Freya Mrs B Halley 

IMG 0289
1st Dam & Offspring

Wether (9 entries)
1st Blendylake Woody Mrs L Cole
2nd Meadowside Alfie Mrs S Davies
3rd Dowgas Charlie E O'Connell

IMG 0302
1st Wether
Pet Female  (4 entries)
1st Meadowside Leisha E O'Connell
2nd Blendylake Shasta Mrs L Cole
3rd Lufflands Jezabel Ian Opie
IMG 0298
1st Pet Female

Pair of Goats (47entries)
1st Mrs B Halley
2nd E. O'Connell
3rd Mrs S Davies
IMG 0296
1st Pair of Goats
Young Handler (7 entries)
1st Ed O'Connell
3rd Maddie Halley
3rd Oliver ?

Best Pet: Blendylake Woody
Res. B I S:  Millview Casey
 B I S: Larkfield Lily

Best-in-Show                                    Reserve Best-in-Show