Royal Welsh Smallholder Show

21st May 2011 

Judge: Mr Maurice Brown

Breed Section

Female Kid  7 entries

1st                                                             ,

2nd Maesgwyn Hapus P Mercer,

3rd Maesgwyn Hafwen  P Mercer

Goatling  5 entries

1st Maesgwyn Heulwen  P Mercer,

  2nd Camborn Mia J&A Camfield

3rd Camborn Freya  J&A Camfield

Adult Female  13 entries

1st Maesgwyn Hafina  P Mercer, 


3rd Mandalay Heidi  P Mercer

Veteran Female  3 entries

1st Camborn Penny  J&A Camfield, 

2nd Camborn Pixie  J&A Camfield

Male Kid  7 entries

1st Celtic MrCadbury  E Davies,

2nd Celtic Silversox  E Davies, 

3rd Celtic MrGalaxy  E Davies

Adult Male 5 entries

1st Foxearth Thunder  C&A Sargeant,

2nd Camborn Mr Chips J&A Camfield, 

3rd Camborn Sandstorm  J&A Camfield

Sire and Progeny  3 entries


Dam and Offspring  12 entries

1st Mandalay Heidi  P Mercer, 

2nd Maesgwyn Seirian  E Davies

3rd Camborn Penny  J&A Camfield

Pet Section

Adult Pets 7 entries

1st Camborn Amber J&A Camfield,

2nd Maesgwyn Hezekiah L Hunt

3rd Camborn Pip  J Jones

Junior Handler  7 entries

1st Dylan Lewis Jenkins, 

2nd Dafi Tom Jenkins,

3rd Arron Cork

Best Pet: Camborn Amber Res. Best Pet: Maesgwyn Hezekiah


Res.B.I.S:                                   B.I.S: Maesgwyn Hafina