Royal Bath & West Show 4th June 2010

Judge: Mr M Brown

Female Kid (7 entries)
1st Sunnydene Crystal A George
2nd Dowgas Magic Mrs J Clarke
3rd Sunnydene Sparkle A George

Goatling (9 entries)
1st Millview Casey Mrs S Davies
2nd Sunnydene Honey A George
3rd Sunnydene Fern A George

Adult Female (12 entries)
1st Heatherview Primrose Mrs S Davies
2nd Sunnydene Orbit A George
3rd Hursthill Bryony Mrs J Hunt

Veteran Female (3 entries)
1st Solomons Barley Mrs J Clarke

Male Kid (3 entries)
1st Sunnydene Ace A George
2nd  Sunnydene Storm A George

Dam & Offspring (7 entries)
1st Dowgas Bramble/Magic Mrs J Clarke
2nd Sunnydene Orbit/Sparkle A George
3rd Mountcross Rosie/Millview Dulcie Mrs S Davies

Wether (7 entries)
1st Maesgwyn Hedd Germany Family
2nd Oscar Monty Alvis
3rd Lord William of Nettleford Wigzell Family

Pet Female  (1 entries)
1st Princess Nina of Netleford Wigzell Family

Young Handler
1st Libby Alvis
2nd Rachel Hanwell
3rd Olivia King

Novice Handler
1st Martin Alvis
2nd Tom Hanwell
3rd Jean Wigzell

Best Pet: Maesgwyn Hedd

Reserve Best Pet: Princess Nina of Nettleford
Res. B I S:  Sunnydene Ace
       B I S:  Millview Casey