Hosted by
The Machen Agricultural Society Show 
4th July 2009

Judges: Mrs Hilary Breakell (Breed Classes)
Mrs Pam Germany (Pet Section)

Female Kid A (9 present)
1st Dowgas Bonny Mrs J Clarke
2nd Camborn Mary L Coward
3rd Sunnydene Velvet George & Prout

Female Kid B (9 present)
1st Maesgwyn Hanna P&P Mercer
2nd Alwena Glesni W&R Kinsey
3rd Meadowside Acer E O'Connell
Overall Best Female Kid: Dowgas Bonny

Goatling (8 present)
1st Maesgwyn Heledd P&P Mercer
2nd Alwena gwenlyn W&R Kinsey
3rd Tyn-y-wern Beauty J Ward

Adult Female A (9 present)
1st Foxearth Ffion W&R Kinsey
2nd Heatherview Popcorn B&B Prager
3rd Dowgas Katie E O'Connell

Adult Female B (9 present)
1st Maesgwyn Hafina P&P Mercer
2nd Tyn-y-wern Shamrock J Ward
3rd Dowgas Talwyn E O'Connell

Overall Best Adult Female: Foxearth Ffion

Veteran Female (3 present)
1st Camborn Trixie A&J Camfield
2nd Camborn Honey A&J Camfield
3rd Camfield Peanut A&J Camfield

Male Kid (4 present)
1st Tyn-y-wern Rocky J Ward
2nd Alwena Brochan W&R Kinsey
3rd Camborn Sandstorm A&J Camfield

Buckling (2 present)
1st Heatherview Borneville B&B Prager
2nd Tyn-y-wern Brigadier J Ward

Adult Male (5 present)
1st Heatherview Phoenix B&B Prager
2nd Tyn-y-wern Robbo J Ward
3rd Alwena Gwyn W&R Kinsey

Sire & Progeny (cancelled)

Dam & Offspring (10 present)
1st Mandalay Heidi P&P Mercer
2nd Foxearth Gwen W&R Kinsey
3rd Sunnydene Milkyway George & Prout


Pair of Goats (7 present)
1st Camborn Honey/Pixie A&J Camfield
2nd Alwena Gwyneth/Glesni W&R Kinsey
3rd Dowgas Dixie/Topaz Mrs J Clarke

Wether A (6 present) 
1st Camborn Patches C Tough
2nd Camborn Zoom A&J Camfield
3rd Briarmount Peter Miss L Hunt
Wether B (6 present)
 1st Maesgwyn Hedd P&P Mercer
2nd  Alwena Morgan W&R Kinsey
3rd Rocky M Alvis

  Pet Female  (5 present)
1st Foxearth Megan W&R Kinsey
2nd Nettleford Buffy Wigzel Family
3rd Nettleford Nina Wigzel Family

Junior Handler A
1st Josh Shaw
2nd Libby Alvis
3rd Joseph Sutton

Junior Handler B
1st Edward O'Connell
2nd Samantha Hunt
3rd Olivia King

Overall Best Junior Handler: Edward O'Connell

Best Pet:  Foxearth Megan

Best Kid:  Tyn-y-wern Rocky
Res. B I S:  Heatherview Phoenix
 B I S: Foxearth Ffion