Hosted by Machen Agricultural Society Show
5th July 2014

Judge: Mrs Margaret Thompson

Female Kid A (11 entries, 9 forward)
1st Sunnydene Roodi, George&Prout
2nd Millview Heidi, S Davies
Female Kid B (10 entries, 9 forward)
1st Alwena Hirwaena, W&R Kinsey
2nd Glynteg Rosie, Loveless&Robinson
3rd Ferenberg Evie, Keen&Bee

Best Female Kid: Sunnydene Roodi  Reserve Best Kid: Alwena Hirwaena

Goatling A (9 entries, 7 forward)
1st Sunnydene Redrose, Wigzel Family
3rd Alwena Ffransis, W&R Kinsey

Goatling B (9 entries, 8 forward)
1st Alwena Rebeca, W & R Kinsey
2nd Tyn-y-wern Buttercup, J&S Ward 
3rd Glyndwr Alys, J Jones

Best Goatling: Alwena Rebeca  Reserve Best Goatling: Sunnydene Redrose

Adult Female A (14 entries, 11 forward)
1st Maesgwyn Hanna, M Alvis
2nd Fourlands Fern, J Osborne
3rd Maesgwyn Heledd, P Mercer

Adult Female B (14 entries, 12 forward)
1st Alwena Cerys, W&R Kinsey
2nd Ryefield Francine, W&R Kinsey
3rd Larkfield Lily, Mrs S Davies

Adult Female C (15 entries, 14 forward)
1st Tyn-y-wern Daffodil II, J&S Ward
2nd Maesgwyn Heini, J Osborne
3rd Sunnydene Lacey, George&Prout

Best Adult Female: Tyn-y-wern Daffodil II  Reserve Best Adult Female: Maesgwyn Hanna

Veteran Female (11 entries, 10 forward)
1st Foxearth Ffion, W&R Kinsey
2nd Mandalay Heidi, P Mercer
3rd Lufflands Dixie, S Davies
Male Kid (14 entries, 11 forward)
1st Tyn-y-wern Robbie, J&S Ward
2nd  Sunnydene Albus, Keen&Bee

Buckling (4 entries, 4 forward)
1st Sunnydene Gomez, George&Prout
2nd Alwena Rocky, A&J Prince
3rd Tyn-y-wern Rupertbear, J&S Ward
Adult Male (14 entries, 10 forward)
1st Gallaine Morgan, Mr N Julian
2nd Alwena Tudur, R& W Kinsey
3rd Heatherview Harper, George&Prout

Sire & Progeny (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Heatherview Harper, George&Prout
2nd Dreamers Henry, Cater&Hemming

Dam & Offspring (15 entries, 12 forward)
1st Sunnydene Spice, George&Prout
2nd Ryefield Francine, W&R Kinsey
3rd Larkfield Lily, S Davies

Pets 8 weeks to 1 year (8 entries, 7 forward)
1st Dreamers Alias, J Osborne
2nd Glynteg Monty, Loveless&Robinson
3rd Camborn Noah, L Hunt
Pets 1 year to 6 years (8 entries, 8 forward)
1st Maesgwyn Hezekiah, L Hunt
2nd Maesgwyn Hedd, Wigzel Family,
3rd Alvis Archie, M Poole

Veteran Pets (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Camborn Patches, C Tough
2nd Camborn Socks, C Tough
Young Handler 5 to 10 years
1st Libby Alvis

Young Handler 10 and over
1st Theo Alvis

The Camborn Trophy awarded to: The Tough Family
Best Pet: Maesgwyn Hezekiah

The Alan Camfield Memorial Trophy awarded to: W&R Kinsey
Res. B I S: Foxearth Ffion
 B I S: Gallaine Morgan