Mid Devon Show 26th July 2014

Judge: Pat Mercer

Female Kid (8 entries, 8 forward)
1st Sunnydene Crackles, George&Prout 
2nd Prowse Bella, A Stoyle
3rd Dreamers Thistle, T Cater

1st Female Kid

Goatling (4 entries, 4 forward)
1st Gallaine Violet, N Julian
2nd Blendylake Freydis, L Cole
3rd Millview Gretel, S Davies

1st Goatling

Adult Female (14 entries, 14 forward)
1st Fourlands Fern, J Osborne
2nd Sunnydene Paris, George&Prout
3rd Larkfield Lily, S Davies

Veteran Female (4 entries, 4 forward)
1st Lufflands Dixie, S Davies
2nd Gallaine Vera, N Julian
3rd Wenlockedge Bramble, T Cater
1st Veteran

Male Kid (3 entries, 2 forward)
1st Scatter Fernando, P Keates
2nd  Camborn Calon, J Camfield

Buckling (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Sunnydene Gomez, George&Prout
2nd Blendylake Brady, L Cole
Adult Male (5 entries, 4 forward)
1st Heatherview Harper, George&Prout
2nd Dreamers Henry, T Cater
3rd Marshview Lennox, S Davies

1st Adult Male

Sire & Progeny (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Heatherview Harper, George&Prout
2nd Marshview Lennox, S Davies

Dam & Daughter (7 entries, 7 forward)
1st Blendylake Beatrice, Mrs L Cole
2nd Sunnydene Sparkle, George&Prout
3rd Millview Erica, A Stoyle


Young Handler 11-16 years (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Catherine Stoyle
2nd Robert Stoyle

1st Young Handler
Pet Goats 8 weeks to 1 year (5 entries, 5 forward)
1st Prowse Basil, A Stoyle
2nd Dreamers Aldous, T Cater
3rd Dreamers Alias, J Osborne
1st Pet Under 1 year

Pet Goats 2 years to 4 years (3 entries, 3 forward)
1st Millview Gracie, S Davies
2nd Scatter Elliot, P Keates
3rd Prowse Alfie, A Stoyle
Pet Goats  5 years and Over (1 entry, 1 forward)
1st Rocky, L Cole

Res. Best Pet: Prowse Basil
Best Pet: Millview Gracie
Res. B I S: Fourlands Fern
 B I S: Heatherview Harper

      Best-in-Show                                  Reserve Best-in-Show 
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