Moreton-in-Marsh Show 6th September 2014

Judge: Elizabeth Thomas


Junior Handler (6 entries)
2nd  Jodie Lee Ashburn
3rd  Olivia Lewis

Female Kid (7 entries, 7 forward)
1st Alwena Falmai, W&R Kinsey
2nd Alwena Hirwaena, W&R Kinsey
3rd  Dreamers Thisbe, T Cater

Goatling (3 entries, 2 forward)
1st Alwena Ffransis, W&R Kinsey
2nd Alwena Rebeca, W&R Kinsey

Adult Female (20 entries, 17 forward)
1st Dreamers Patience, T Cater
2nd Ryefield Francine, W&R Kinsey
3rd Alwena Cerys, W&R Kinsey

Veteran Female (4 entries, 3 forward)
1st Wenlockedge Bramble, T Cater
2nd Mountcross Sunsprite, W&R Kinsey
3rd Foxearth Ffion, W&R Kinsey

Male Kid (3 entries, 3 forward)
1st Dreamers Bart, J Osborne
2nd  Daydream Sunnyjim, Mrs I Smith
3rd Scatter Fernando, Keates Family

Dam & Offspring (8 entries, 5 forward)
1st Dreamers Precious T Cater
2nd Ryefield Francine, W & R Kinsey
3rd Alwena Franciscus, Keates Family

Pets 8 weeks to 1 year  (6 entries, 6 forward)
1st Dreamers Zal, J Osborne
2nd Dreamers Aldous, T Cater
3rd Bilsdale Rowan, A Scull
Pets  1 to 3 years (4 entries, 3 forward)
1st Scatter Elliot, Keates Family
2nd Tonic, P&F Cook
3rd  Allthings Goofy, P&F Cook

Pets  4 years and Over (1 entry, 1 forward)
1st Harvey, Keates Family

Best Pet:  Dreamers Zal
Reserve Best Pet: Harvey
Best Kid:  Alwena Falmai
Reserve Best Kid: Dreamers Bart
Res. B I S:  Alwena Ffransis
 B I S: Dreamers Patience