RWAS Spring Festival
 16th May 2015

Judge: Mr Alan Whitehouse

Young Handlers Aged 5-10 years
1st Ella Hampton
2nd Megan Bevan
IMG 1612
Young Handlers 5 - 10 years

Young Handlers Aged 11-16 years
1st Ella Haf
2nd Thomas Martin Jones
IMG 1610
Young Handlers Aged 11 - 16 years

Pet Goats Aged 8 weeks - 1 year (5 entries,5 forward)
             1st Penrhiw Appollo, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Scatter Teo, Keates Family
3rd   Celtic Ted, E Davies

IMG 1605
Pets aged 8 weeks to 1 year

           Pet Goats Aged 1-3 years (10 entries, 9 forward)
1st Dreamers Zal, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Scatter Cressida, Keates Family
3rd  Dreamers Aldous, T Cater & P Hemming

Pet Goats 4 Years and Over (2 entries, 1 forward)
1st Camborn Amber, J Camfield

IMG 1608
Best Pet                       Reserve Best Pet

Res. Best Pet: Scatter Cressida  
Best Pet: Dreamers Zal

Female Kid (17 entries, 16 forward)
1st Millview India, S Davies
2nd Alwena Liwsi, W&R Kinsey
3rd Alwena Rhosan, W&R Kinsey
IMG 1613IMG 1614
1st Female Kid                                                                                           1st,2nd 3rd Female Kids

Goatling (8 entries, 8 forward)
1st Camborn Cariad, J Camfield
2nd Alwena Hirwaena, W&R Kinsey
3rd Glynteg Rosie, C Robinson & A Loveless

IMG 1615
1st,2nd,3rd Goatlings

Adult Female (24 entries, 22 forward)
1st Maesgwyn Heulwen, P Mercer
2nd Maesgwyn Hardd, P Mercer
3rd Camborn Myla, C Robinson & A Loveless

IMG 1622IMG 1617 1
1st Adult Female/Res.BIS                                                                    1st,2nd3rd Adult Females (older section)

Veteran Female (7 entries, 6 forward)
1st Wenlockedge Bramble, T Cater & P Hemming
2nd Maesgwyn Heledd, P Mercer
3rd Mountcross Sunsprite W&R Kinsey

IMG 1625 1
1st & 2nd Veteran Females

Male Kid (10 entries, 9 forward)
1st Penrhiw Angus, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Alwena Llewelyn, W&R Kinsey
3rd Penrhiw Alfie, J Osborne & J Douglas

IMG 1626
1st,2nd,3rd Male Kids

Buckling (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Dreamers Bart, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Camborn Calon, J Camfield

IMG 1627
1st Buckling

Adult Male (7 entries, 6 forward)
1st Marshview Lennox, S Davies
2nd Heatherview Herb, Cater & Hemming
3rd Willowview Moss, A Lewis & AM Evans
IMG 1630
1st & 2nd Adult Males

Sire & Progeny (3 entries, 2 forward)
1st Marshview Lennox, S Davies
2nd Dreamers Bart, J Osborne & J Douglas
IMG 1633
1st Sire & Progeny
Dam & Offspring (12 entries, 8 forward)
1st Camborn Freckles, J Camfield
2nd Fourlands Fern, J Osborne & J Douglas
3rd Dreamers Precious, T Cater & P Hemming
Res. B I S:  Maesgwyn Heulwen
 B I S: Marshview Lennox