Hosted by Cheshire County Show
24th June 2015

Judge: Mrs Christine Griffiths


Young Handler
1st Jordan Beckwith - Reddish Vale Technical College
2nd Daniel Milner
3rd Josie Holland - Bebington High School Farmj

Junior Handler lined-up

Female Kid A
1st Alwena Magdalen, R&W Kinsey
2nd Alwena Liwsi, R&W Kinsey
3rd Alwena Cerian, R&W Kinsey
1st,2nd & 3rd Female Kid A

Female Kid B
1st Yvonjean Aprilcharm, M&CJ Brown MBE
2nd Chawneys Frutti, J Hampton
3rd Birkrigg Flame, Mrs F Mullin

1st,2nd & 3rd Female Kid B

Overall Winners of Female Kids
1st Alwena Magdalen, R&W Kinsey
2nd Yvonjean Aprilcharm, M&CJ Brown MBE
3rd Alwena Liwsi, R&W Kinsey

1st,2nd & 3rd Overal Winners of Female Kid

Goatling A
1st Alwena Ffiona, R&W Kinsey
2nd Alwena Falmai, R&W Kinsey
3rd Oakton Harriet, V&N Darcy

Goatling B
1st Birkrigg Lydia, Mrs F Mullin
2nd Birkrigg Phoebe, Mrs F Mullin
3rd Alwena Honisuckle, Daniel Milner

1st,2nd & 3rd Goatling B

Overall Winners of Goatlings
1st Birkrigg Lydia, Mrs F Mullin
2nd Birkrigg Phoebe, Mrs F Mullin
3rd Alwena Ffiona, R&W Kinsey

1st,2nd & 3rd Overall Winners of Goatling

Adult Female A
1st Dreamers Patience, T Cater & P Hemming
2nd Dreamers Precious, T Cater & P Hemming 
3rd Alwena Glesni, W&R Kinsey

1st,2nd & 3rd Adult Female A

Adult Female B
1st Birkrigg Cherub, Mrs F Mullin
2nd Alwena Cerys, W&R Kinsey
3rd Dreamers Hebe, T Cater & P Hemming

Adult Female C
1st Alwena Rebeca, W&R Kinsey
2nd Alwena Megan, W&R Kinsey
3rd Alwena Ffransis, W&R Kinsey

1st,2nd & 3rd Adult Female C

Overall Winners of Adult Females
1st Alwena Rebeca, W&R Kinsey 
2nd Birkrigg Cherub, Mrs F Mullin
3rd Dreamers Patience, T Cater & P Hemming

1st,2nd & 3rd Overall Winners of Adult Female

Veteran Female
1st Rosebery Erin, Mr & Mrs P Sharp 
2nd Mithral Juno, Brendon Smith
3rd Yvonjean Elsa, M & CJ Brown MBE

1st,2nd & 3rd Veteran Females 

Male Kid
1st Alwena Wyndraeth, W&R Kinsey
2nd  Broomhouse Ruben, Mr & Mrs P Sharp
3rd Alwena Sulien, W&R Kinsey

1st,2nd & 3rd Male Kid

1st Millview Huey, Mrs S Glenn
2nd Oakton Hector, N&V Darcy 
1st & 2nd Bucklings

Adult Male
1st Alwena Tudur, R& W Kinsey
2nd Marshview Solomon, Mrs S Glenn
3rd Barhams Mill Rummy, Mr & Mrs P Sharp

1st,2nd & 3rd Adult Males
Sire & Progeny
1st Barhams Mill Rummy, Mr & Mrs P Sharp
2nd Oakton Bullseye, V&N Darcy 

1st Sire & Progeny

Dam & Offspring
1st Alwena Glesni, W&R Kinsey
2nd Rosebery Erin, Mr & Mrs P Sharp
3rd Dreamers Precious, T Cater & P Hemming

Pet Females and Wethers - Any Age
1st Oakton George, Joanna Eardley
2nd Dreamers Aldous, T Cater & P Hemming
3rd Oakton Bilbo, V&N Darcy

1st Pet

Pair of Goats
1st Alwena Honisuckle/Birkrigg Portia, Daniel Milner
2nd Alwena Megan/Magdalen, W&R Kinsey
3rd Rosebery Erin/Gemstone Carnelian, Mr & Mrs P Sharp

1st Pair of Goats

Best Pet: Oakton George

Res. B I S: Millview Huey
 B I S: Alwena Rebeca

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