Mid Devon Show 25th July 2015

Judge: Hilary Breakell


Young Handler 11-16 years (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Robert Stoyle
2nd Catherine Stoyle

Junior Handlers

Female Kid (11 entries, 10 forward)
1st Millview Isla, Mrs S Davies
2nd Millview India, Mrs S Davies
3rd Chubbstan Twirl, L&S Chubb

1st Female Kid

Goatling (7 entries, 6 forward)
1st Alvis Avalon, N.Keen & T Bee
2nd Ferenberg Evie, N Keen & T Bee
3rd Prowse Bella, C Stoyle

1st Goatling

Adult Female (8 entries, 8 forward)
1st Sunnydene Paris, R Prout
2nd Larkfield Lily, Mrs S Davies
3rd Heatherview Hebe, Mr & Mrs P Sharp

1st Adult Female / BIS

Veteran Female (4 entries, 4 forward)
1st Rosebery Erin, Mr & Mrs P Sharp
2nd Treverbyn Flossie, R Prout
3rd Lufflands Dixie, Mrs S Davies

Male Kid (8 entries, 7 forward)
1st Gallaine Sprite, N Julian
2nd  Gallaine Imp, N Julian
3rd Millview Ice, Mrs S Davies

1st Male Kid

Buckling (4 entries, 2 forward)
1st Alvis Albert, L & S Chubb
2nd Dreamers Bart, J Osborne & J Douglas

1st Buckling

Adult Male (4 entries, 4 forward)
1st Barhams Mill Rummy, Mr & Mrs P Sharp
2nd Heatherview Harper, R Prout
3rd Gallaine Megane, N Julian

1st Adult Male

Sire & Progeny (3 entries, 3 forward)
1st Barhams Mill Rummy, Mr & Mrs P Sharp
2nd Dreamers Bart, J Osborne & J Douglas
3rd Alvis Albert, L&S Chubb

1st Sire & Progeny

Dam & Offspring (5 entries, 5 forward)
1st Treverbyn Flossie, R Prout
2nd Larkfield Lily, S Davies
3rd Millview Gretal, S Davies

1st Dam & Offspring

Pet Goats 8 weeks to 1 year (1 entry, 1 forward)
1st Tilleygems Chester, B Jones

Pet Goats 2 years to 4 years (4 entries, 4 forward)
1st Dreamers Zal, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Alvis Ali, L&S Chubb
3rd Prowse Basil, C Stoyle

Best Pet
Res. Best Pet: Tilleygems Chester
Best Pet: Dreamers Zal
Res. B I S: Barhams Mill Rummy
 B I S: Sunnydene Paris

     Reserve Best-in-Show                                    Best-in-Show