Great Harwood Show 30th May 2016

Judge: Tracey Cater

Female Kid (8 entries, 8 forward)
1st Birkrigg Sidonia, Mrs F Mullin
2nd Reddawn Foxy, D Abbott
3rd Mithral Helia, B Smith
Female Kids 1st,2nd & 3rd

Goatling (10entries, 10 forward)
1st Birkrigg Thalia, F Mullin
2nd Minimoore Tiger-Lily, T Moore
3rd Oldoak Tally-Mai, Jolleys Family

Goatlings 1st,2nd & 3rd

Adult Female A (8 entries, 7 forward)
1st Jewel Opal, D Abbott
2nd Birkrigg Lydia, F Mullin
3rd Annfield Sara, T Masterton

Adult Female B  (9 entries, 8 forward)
1st Birkrigg Cinderella, F Mullin
2nd Annfield Juvela, T Masterton
3rd Stairfoot Natalie, T Masterton

Overall Adult Female Winners 
1st Birkrigg Cinderella, F Mullin
2nd Jewel Opal, D Abbott
3rd Annfield Juvela, T Masterton

Adult Female Overall Winners 1st,2nd & 3rd

Veteran Female (3 entries, 3 forward)
1st Yvonjean Barrose, F Mullin
2nd Mithral Juno, B Smith
3rd Birkrigg Sweetpea, F Mullin

Veteran Females 1st & 2nd

Male Kid (6 entries, 6 forward)
1st Reddawn Fenton, D Abbott
2nd  Reddawn Freddie, D Abbott
3rd Birkrigg Tyrion,  F Mullin

Male Kids 1st & 2nd

Buckling - No Entries

Adult Male (5 entries, 5 forward)
1st Birkrigg Yorick, Jolleys Family
2nd  Glenelg Ross, D Abbott
3rd Foxearth Heath, F Mullin

Adult Males 1st,2nd & 3rd

Dam & Offspring (7 entries, 4 forward)
1st Mithral Sundew/ Helia, B Smith
2nd Oldoak Star/Twilight, Jolleys Family
3rd Broxton Rose/Minimoore Jasmine, T Moore

Dam & Offspring 1st & 2nd

Pair of Goats (3 entries, 3 forward)
1st Oldoak Twilight/Oldoak Bluejester, Jolleys Family 
2nd Mithral Helena/Helios, B Smith
3rd Birkrigg Sweetpea/Tyrion, F Mullin

1st Pair of Goats

Pets  (2 entries,2 forward)
1st Danefield Busy Lizzie, Grain&Krueger
2nd Danefield Hazel, Grain&Krueger
Pets 1st & 2nd

Junior Handler (2 entries, 2 forward)
1st Jessica Hotham (aged 8)
2nd  Scarlett Hotham (aged 5)

Junior Handlers

Best Pet: Danefield Busy Lizzie

Best Kid: Reddawn Fenton
 B I S: Birkrigg Cinderella
Reserve Best-in-Show:  Birkrigg Yorick

  Best-in-Show                                                                  Reserve Best-in-Show