Okehampton Show 11th August 2016

Judge: Mr Brian Coombe

Female Kid (8 forward)
1st Blendylake Meriel, Mrs L Cole
2nd Sunnydene Chantilly, A&R Prout
3rd Prowse Dixie, Mrs A Stoyle

O1st FemaleKid
1st Female Kid

Goatling (6 forward)
1st Millview Inca, Mrs S Davies
2nd Hilltop Haidee, Mrs L Cole
3rd Millview Isla, Mrs S Davies

O1st Goatling
1st Goatling

Adult Female (11 forward)
1st Sunnydene Lacey,  A&R Prout
2nd Sunnydene Paris, A&R Prout
3rd Millview Gretal, Mrs S Davies

1st Adult Female

Veteran Female (2 forward)
1st Sunnydene Fern, A&R Prout
2nd  Lufflands Georgina, Mr & Mrs S Pawley

1st Veteran

Male Kid (1 forward)
1st Sunnydene Logan, A&R Prout

1st Male Kid

Dam & Offspring (6 forward)
1st Blendylake Freydis, Mrs L Cole
2nd Lufflands Misty, Mr & Mrs Keeble
3rd Larkfield Lily, Mrs S Davies

1st Dam & Offspring

Pet Female (1 forward)
1st Gemstone Calista, Mrs L Cole
1st Pet Female
Wether (6 forward)
1st Prowse Basil, Mrs A Stoyle
2nd Prowse Dougal, Mrs A Stoyle
3rd Prowse Denzil, Mrs A Stoyle
1st Wether

Pair of Goats  (5 forward)
1st Prowse Bella/Dixie, Mrs A Stoyle
2nd Millview Ffion/Prowse Basil, Mrs A Stoyle
3rd Larkfield Lily/Millview Isla, Mrs S Davies

1st Pair of Goats

Young Handler (3 forward)
1st Robert Stoyle
2nd Ruby Coleman
3rd  Sam Coleman

Junior Handlers

Best Pet: Gemstone Calista
Reserve Best Pet:  Prowse Basil
Res. B I S:  Sunnydene Logan
       B I S:  Sunnydene Lacey

BIS                                                                 Res BIS