Royal Cheshire County Show 
Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Judge: Mrs Sharon Davies

Female Kid – 10 entries
1st Mithral Helia, B Smith
2nd Dreamers Promise, T Cater
3rd Birkrigg Sidonia, F Mullin
4th Minimoore Jasmine, T Moore

Female Kids 1st,2nd & 3rd

Goatling (A)– 8 entries
1st Minimoore Tigerlily, T Moore
2nd Alwena Rhosan, R&W Kinsey
3rd Alwena Magdalen, R&W Kinsey
4th Pennrad Anastasia, F Mullin

1st, 2nd & 3rd  Goatling (A)

Goatling (B)– 7 entries
1st Birkrigg Thalia, F Mullin
2nd Chawneys Frutti, J Hampton
3rd Chawneys Tutti, J Hampton
4th Mithral Philomena, B Smith

Goatling (B) class. 1st,2nd & 3rd

Overall Goatling
1st Birkrigg Thalia, F Mullin
2nd Minimoore Tigerlily, T Moore
3rd Alwena Rhosan, R&W Kinsey
4th Chawneys Frutti, J Hampton

Adult Female  (A) – 10 entries
1st Dreamers Hebe, T Cater
2nd Ryefield Francine, R&W Kinsey
3rd Birkrigg Cinderella, F Mullin
4th Richmor Sky, R&W Kinsey

Adult Female (B)– 9 entries
1st Alwena Hirwaena, R&W Kinsey
2nd Birkrigg Lydia, F Mullin
3rd Alwena Honisuckle, D Milner
4th Alwena Rebecca, R&W Kinsey

Overall Adult Female
1st Dreamers Hebe, T Cater
2nd Alwena Hirwaena, R&W Kinsey
3rd Ryefield Francine, R&W Kinsey
4th Birkrigg Lydia, F Mullin

Adult Females 1st,2nd & 3rd

Veteran Female – 5 entries
1st Dreamers Precious, T Cater
2nd Mithral Juno, B Smith
3rd Cragfell Papaver, V&N Darcy
4th Mountcross Honeycloud, R&W Kinsey

Veteran females 1st & 2nd

Male Kid – 4 entries
1st Oakton Pecan, V&N Darcy
2nd Oakton Bennevis, V&N Darcy
3rd Dreamers Percy, T Cater
4th Tame King, Reddish Vale

1st, 2nd & 3rd Male Kids

Bucklings – 7 entries
1st Dreamers Topper, T Cater
2nd Alwena Sulien, R&W Kinsey
3rd Alwena Bran, V&N Darcy
4th Alwena Llewelyn, R&W Kinsey

Bucklings 1st & 2nd

Adult Male – 9 entries
1st Alwena Tudur, R&W Kinsey
2nd Heatherview Herb, T Cater
3rd Alwena Haydn, R&W Kinsey
4th Oakton Bullseye, N&V Darcy

CheshAd Males
Adult Males 1st,2nd & 3rd

Sire & Progeny – 3 entries
1st Heatherview Herb, T Cater
2nd Alwena Bran, N&V Darcy
3rd Birkrigg Beano, Reddish Vale

Dam & Offspring – 6 entries
1st Broxton Rose, T Moore
2nd Oakton Kunfupanda, V&N Darcy
3rd Ryefield Francine, R&W Kinsey
4th Birkrigg Portia, D Milner


Junior Handler 5-10 years old
1st Oliver Coppock

1st Junior Handler 5-10 years old

Junior Handler 11-16 years old
1st Daniel Milner
2nd Reddish Vale Pupil
3rd Reddish Vale Pupil
4th Reddish Vale Pupil

Junior Handlers 11-16 years

Pets 8 wks to 1year - 2 entries
1st Reddish Jack, Reddish Vale College
2nd Hulme Jericho, Daniel Milner

Pets 1-2 years - 2 entries
1st Oakton Poe, Joanna Eardley
2nd Alwena Rhydwyn, Daniel Milner

Pets 1-2 years
Pets 2years+ - 2 entries
1st Lanends Dilys, S Fletcher
2nd Oakton George, J Eardley

Pets 2 years +

Pair of Goats – 7 entries
1st Alwena Honisuckle/Birkrigg Portia, D Milner
2nd Chawneys Frutti/Tutti, J Hampton
3rd Reddish Vale Pair
4th Reddish Vale Pair

1st Pair of Goats

Best Kid: Mithral Helia
Best Female: Dreamers Hebe
Reserve Best Female: Alwena Hirwaena

Best Male: Alwena Tudur
Reserve Best Male: Heatherview Herb

BIS: Dreamers Hebe
Reserve BIS: Alwena Tudur 

Best Kid                                                                     Reserve Best-in-Show                                                          Best-in-Show