Royal Cheshire County Show 
Wednesday 21st June 2017

Judge: Mrs Dreda Randall

Junior Handler 5-10 years old (6 entries)
1st Jessica Hotham
2nd Lily-Rose Moore
3rd Scarlett Hotham
4th Oakton Junior

1st, 2nd & 3rd Junior Handlers Aged 5-10 years

Junior Handler 11-16 years old (12 entries)
1st Bebbington Pupil
2nd Daniel Milner
3rd Reddish Vale Pupil
4th Miss Kennerley

Junior Handlers Aed 11-16 years

Pets 8 wks to 1year  (2 entries)
1st Reddish Jingle, Reddish Vale School
2nd Oakton Marv, Oakton Junior

Pets 1-2 years - 3 entries
1st Hulme Jerico, Daniel Milner
2nd Reddish Jack, Reddish Vale School
3rd Messuage Maris, John Kennerley

Pets 2 years+  (3 entries)
1st Oakton Poe, J Eardley
2nd Alwena Rhydwyn, Daniel Milner
3rd Oakton George, J Eardley

Pets Aged 2 years +


Female Kid Class A  – (11 entries)
1st Reddawn Granola, Abbott & Hotham
2nd Brucklay IsleofIona, Clare Bailey
3rd Reddawn Galaxy, Abbott & Hotham
4th Mithral Daphne, B Smith

1st, 2nd & 3rd Female Kid A

Female Kid Class B - (10 entries)
1st Birkrigg Drizzila, F Mullin
2nd Birkrigg Elinor, F Mullin
3rd Bebbington Athena, Bebbington School
4th Hulme Javelin, Milner Family

1st, 2nd & 3rd Female Kid B

Overall Female Kid 
1st Reddawn Granola

2nd Birkrigg Drizzila
3rd Brucklay IsleofIona
4th Reddawn Galaxy

Overall Female Kid Line-Up

Goatling (15 entries)
1st Reddawn Fortune, Abbott & Hotham
2nd Carrside Dotty, Rebecca Shirt
3rd Reddawn Flick, Abbott & Hotham
4th Birkrigg Sidona, F Mullin

1st, 2nd & 3rd Goatlings

Adult Female Class A  (16 entries)
1st Alwena Ffransis, R&W Kinsey
2nd Broxton Caramel, Abbott & Hotham
3rd Dreamers Hebe, Tracey Cater
4th Broxton Cinnamon, Abbott & Hotham

1st, 2nd & 3rd Adult Female Class A

Adult Female Class B (16 entries)
1st Birkrigg Portia, Milner Family
2nd Alwena Honisuckle, Milner Family
3rd Alwenna Morwenna, R&W Kinsey
4th Minimoore Tiger-Lily, Thomas Moore

Overall Adult Female
1st Alwena Ffransis, 
2nd Broxton Caramel
3rd Birkrigg Portia
4th Dreamers Hebe

Overall Adult Female Line-Up

Veteran Female  (6 entries)
1st Ryefield Francine, R&W Kinsey
2nd Dreamers Precious, Cater & Hemming
3rd Mithral Juno, Brendon Smith
4th Alwena Glesni, R&W Kinsey

1st,2nd,3rd & 4th Veteran Females

Male Kid  (7 entries)
1st Reddish Hurricane, Reddish Vale School
2nd Dreamers Otis, Cater & Hemming
3rd Hulme Jowett, Milner Family
4th Peakmanor Elvis, Rebecca Shirt

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Male Kid Class

Bucklings (6 entries)
1st Reddawn Freddie, Abbott & Hotham
2nd Dreamers Percy, Cater & Hemming
3rd Marshview Saxon, Thomas Moore
4th Sunnydene Freddie, Meg Ashby

1st 2nd & 3rd Bucklings

Adult Male (10 entries)
1st Alwena Haydn, R&W Kinsey
2nd Romac Luxor, Abbott & Hotham
3rd Alwena Reuben, Milner Family
4th Marshview Travis, Abbott & Hotham

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Adult Male

Sire & Progeny  (5 entries)
1st Marshview Travis, Abbott & Hotham
2nd Romac Luxor, Abbott & Hotham
3rd Birkrigg Beano, Reddish Vale School
4th Calderbank Rhys, F Mullin

CheshireSire  CheshireSire2nd
1st Sire & Progeny                                                           2nd Sire & Progeny

Dam & Offspring  (10 entries)
1st Ryefield Francine, R&W Kinsey
2nd Birkrigg Portia, Milner Family
3rd Birkrigg Cinderella, F Mullin
4th Alwena Glesni, R&W Kinsey

1st Dam & Offspring

Pair of Goats (6 entries)

1st Birkrigg Pair, F Mullin
2nd Alwena Honisuckle/Birkrigg Portia, Milner Family
3rd Broxton Caramel/Cinnamon, Abbott & Hotham
4th Oldoak Crumble/Cookie, Reddish Vale School

DSC 0030
Winners of the 'Alwena Shield For Schools' -  Reddish Vale High School
L to R: Taylor Greenwood,Leo Stephens-Law,Ben Earlam (with shield) Liam Brown, Megan Harley and Liam Moffatt

Best Kid: Reddawn Granola           Reserve: Birkrigg Drizzila
Best Female: Alwena Ffransis         Reserve: Broxton Caramel
Best Male: Alwena Haydn          Reserve: Romac Luxor

Best-in-Show: Alwena Haydn         Reserve: Alwena Ffransis

The Alwena Shield For Schools was won by Reddish Vale High School

Best Kid                       Reserve Best-in-Show                   Best-in-Show