Cornwall Goatkeepers Association Autumn Show

19th August 2017

Judge:  Miss Elizabeth Thomas MRCVS

Male Kid (3 forward)
1st Gallaine Smart, N Julian
2nd Gallaine Samba, N Julian
3rd Marshview Endellion, O Eddy

Buckling.(1 forward)
1st Hendra Harley, O Eddy

Adult Male. (1 forward)
1st  Gallaine Sprite, N Julian

Best Male: Gallaine Sprite
Reseve Best Male: Gallaine Smart

Female Kid. (3 forward)
1st Gallaine Mamba, N Julian
2nd Marshview Selsey, O Eddy
3rd Marshview Veryan, O Eddy

Adult Female (2 forward)
1st, Gallaine Poloma, N Julian
2nd, Poniou Lulu, Dawn Jackson

Veteran Female (1 forward)
1st, Gallaine Willow, Dawn Jackson

Best Female:Gallaine Poloma  
Reserve Best Female: Gallaine Mamba

Dam & Offspring (1 forward)
1st, Gallaine Poloma, N Julian

Wether (4 forward)
1st  Gallaine Billy, Dawn Jackson
2nd Hendra Oscar, O Eddy
3rd Poniou Alfie, Dawn Jackson
4th Hendra George, O Eddy

Pet Females (1forward)
 1) Maisy, Dawn Jackson

Best Pet: Gallaine Billy
Reserve Best Pet: Maisy

Pair of Goats (5 forward)
1st Mamba & Samba, N Julian
2nd, Veryan & Endellion, O Eddy
3rd Oscar & Harley, O Eddy

Junior Handler (1 forward)
1st Charlotte Johns

Best In Show: Gallaine Sprite
Reserve Best in Show:  Gallaine Poloma

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