Pygmy Goat Club

Goat Of the Year 2018 *

Best Male of the Year 2018

Gallaine Sprite
 owned and bred by Mr Nigel Julian

GOTY 2018 Male Gallaine Sprite

Best Female of the Year 2018

Ferenberg Evie owned and bred by Messrs. Tim Bee & Nigel Keen
 GOTY 2018 Female Ferenberg Evie

Best Pet of the Year 2018

Celandine Hero
 owned and bred by Miss Gabriella Lea Wurzbach

GOTY 2018 Pet Celandine Hero 2

Best Junior Handler of the Year 2018

 Miss Jessica Hotham

GOTY 2018 JH Jessica Hotham


Presentations were made by Ms Tracey Cater, Chair of the Pygmy Goat Club, at Crewe Hall
on 28th April 2019 after the AGM.

GOTY 2018 N Julian   GOTY 2018 Bee Keen  

GOTY 2018 G Lea Wurzbach   GOTY 2018 S Hotham


 * The ‘Goat of The Year’ competition was announced in ‘Pygmy Goat Notes’ in December 2017.

‘The aim of the competition is to hopefully increase show entries throughout the country by encouraging exhibitors to consider entering more shows, promoting our club further and adding another focus to the show season.’

‘The rules of The Goat of the Year are relatively simple and will work as follows:

At shows with less than 45 goats forward, Best in Show will receive 20 points, Reserve Best in Show 10 points. The same will be awarded for Best Pet and Reserve Best Pet.

At shows with 45 to 89 goats forward, Best in Show will receive 30 points, Reserve Best in Show 20 points. Again, the same for Best Pet and Reserve Best Pet.

Finally, at shows with 90 goats or more forward, Best in Show will receive 40 points and Reserve Best in Show 30 points, the same for Best and Reserve Best Pet.

We will also be running a Junior Handler of the Year Competition for which 20 points will be awarded for first place and 10 points for second.

At the end of the show season trophies will be awarded to Best Male of the Year, Best Female of the Year, Best Pet of the Year and Junior Handler of the Year, all worked out on the highest number of accrued points. In the event of a tie, class positions throughout the year will be taken into account.’