Machen Show 7th July 2018

Judge: Tracey Cater


Pets - 8 weeks to 2 years (3 entered/forward)
1st Penrhiw Caprice, Mr & Mrs Kemp
2nd Calderbank Alfie, Mrs C Tough
3rd Calderbank Harry, Mrs C Tough

Pets- Over 2 years (5 entered/forward)
1st Brynelfed Truffles, Mrs C Tough
2nd Chubbstan Minstrel, Mr & Mrs Kemp
3rd Camborn Patches, Mrs C Tough

            Best Pet:  Penrhiw Caprice
Reserve Best Pet: Brynelfed Truffles

Best Pet and Reserve Best Pet

Junior Handler 5-10 years (4 entered)
1st Alex Atterbury
2nd Nathanael Johnson
3rd Georgie Tough
4th Alfie Tough

1st Junior Handlers 5-10 years

Junior Handler 11-15  years (4 entered)
1st Bethany Salisbury
2nd Natalie Salisbury
3rd Zack Atterbury
4th Shannon McGivern

1st Junior Handler 11-15 years


Female Kid (11 entered/10 forward)
1st Sunnymount Callista, N Keen & T Bee
2nd Penrhiw Dolly,  J Osborne & J Douglas
3rd Beechhay Brianne, L Meek
1st,2nd & 3rd  Female Kid

Goatling (8 entered/forward)
1st Ferenberg Opal, T Bee & N Keen
2nd Penrhiw Cleo, J Osborne & J Douglas
3rd Penrhiw Clover, J Osborne & J Douglas

1st & 2nd  Goatlings

Adult Female (11 entered/forward)
1st Penrhiw Anya, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Ferenberg Evie, T Bee & N Keen
3rd Alvis Ada, Mrs B Jones

1st, 2nd & 3rd  Adult Females

Veteran Female (5 entered/forward)
1st Camborn Mia, Mrs J Camfield
2nd Cogshalls Bronwen, E&G Wearden
3rd Camborn Tasha, Mrs C Tough

Male Kid (6 entered/forward)
1st Penrhiw Donald, N Keen & T Bee
2nd Penrhiw Daz, N Keen & T Bee
3rd Tilleygems Frankie, Mrs B Jones

1st, 2nd & 3rd  Male Kids

Buckling (2 entered/forward)
1st Tyn-y-wern Yogibear II, Mrs B Jones
2nd Ferenberg Milo, T Bee & N Keen

1st & 2nd Bucklings

Adult Male (5 entered/forward)
1st Penrhiw Bentley, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Marshview Sawyer, T Bee & N Keen
3rd Mountcross Honeysika, J Osborne & J Douglas

1st, 2nd & 3rd Adult Males

Sire & Progeny (4 entered/forward)
1st Mountcross Honeysika, J Osborne & J Douglas
2nd Sunnydene Albus, T Bee & N Keen
3rd Tyn-y-wern Yogibear II, Mrs B Jones

Dam & Offspring (5 entered/forward)
1st Alvis Avalon, T Bee & N Keen
2nd Fourlands Fern, J Osborne & J Douglas
3rd Ferenberg Evie, T Bee & N Keen

     B I S:  Penrhiw Anya
Res. BIS: Ferenberg Opal

Winner of Alan Camfield Memorial Trophy, T Bee & N Keen
Winner of Camborn Trophy,  Mrs C Tough 
         machenbis    machenactrophy   machencamborntrophy

*photographs by JLSmith

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