Bentham Show
7th September 2019

Judge: Agnes Aitken 


Wether /Pet Female 8 wks - 1 yr (4 entries/4 forward)
1st Oldoak Frodo, F Southey
2nd Eve, C & E Woodhouse
3rd Oldoak Gimli, F Southey

Wether/Pet Female Over 1 year (4 entries/4 forward)
1st Reddawn Honeybear, D Abbott
2nd Bramley, C & E Woodhouse
3rd Toffee, C & E Woodhouse

3rd, 2nd & 1st Pets Over 1 year 


Junior Handler (9 entries/9 forward)
1st Scarlett Hotham
2nd Jessica Hotham
3rd Lily-Rose Moore

Benth20193JH anne
3rd, 2nd & 1st Junior Handlers

Female Kid A (7 entries/7 forward)
1st Birkrigg Haleth, F Mullin
2nd  Minimoore Snowdrop, T Moore
3rd Blackrock Betty, S Peill

Female Kid B (7 entries/7 forward)
1st Minimoore Petal, T Moore
2nd  Reddawn Inspire, D Abbott
3rd Reddawn Infinity, D Abbott

3rd, 2nd & 1st Female Kid B

Female Kid Overall
1st Minimoore Petal, T Moore
2nd  Birkrigg Haleth, F Mullin
3rd Minimoore Snowdrop, T Moore

Goatling (7 entries/7 forward)
1st Oldoak Cappuccino,   A Jolleys
2nd Peakmanor Flossy, D Abbott
3rd Blackrock Ailsa, S Peill

3rd, 2nd & 1st Goatling
Adult Female 2 yrs & over A (5 entries/5 forward)
1st Birkrigg Drizilla, F Mullin
2nd Birkrigg Doris, F Mullin
3rd Birkrigg Beatrice, F Mullin
Adult Female 2 yrs & over B (6 entries/6 forward)
1st Birkrigg Phoebe, F Mullin
2nd Minimoore Jasmine, T Moore
3rd Minimoore Primrose, T Moore

Adult Female 2 yrs & over Overall
1st Birkrigg Drizilla, F Mullin
2nd Birkrigg Phoebe, F Mullin
3rd Birkrigg Doris, F Mullin

2nd & 1st Adult Female

Male Kid (6 entries/6 forward)
1st Reddawn Ignition, D Abbott
2nd Oldoak Elmo, A Jolleys
3rd Birkrigg Hengist, F Mullin

Benth20197MK Anne
3rd, 2nd & 1st Male Kid

Male Over 12 months (4 entries/4 forward)
1st Romac Luxor, D Abbott
2nd Ferenberg Shadow, D Abbott
3rd Oldoak Milo, A Jolleys

3rd, 2nd & 1st Male over 1 year


Veteran Goat, Male/Female Over 7 yrs (1 entry/1 forward)
1st Skipper, C & E Woodhouse

Dam & Offspring (6 entries/6 forward)
1st Birkrigg Phoebe, F Mullin
2nd Minimoore Jasmine, T Moore
3rd Oldoak Star, A Jolleys
Multicoloured Goat (11 entries, 11 forward)
1st Birkrigg Drizilla, F Mullin
2nd Mithral Daphne, B Smith
3rd  Minimoore Snowdrop, T Moore

7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd & 1st Multicoloured Goat

Goat the Judge would like to take Home (16 entries/16 forward)
1st Birkrigg Drizilla, F Mullin
2nd Reddawn Ignition, D Abbott
3rd  Oldoak Milo, A Jolleys

3rd, 2nd & 1st Goat the Judge would most like to take Home

                                                                     BEST PET: Reddawn Honeybear           RESERVE: Bramley
                                                        Benth201913BPetRBPet Dan
                                                                                      Reserve Best Pet            Best Pet

                                                                     BEST FEMALE: Birkrigg Drizilla            RESERVE: Birkrigg Phoebe

                                                                                   Reserve Best Female             Best Female                     

                                                                     BEST MALE: Romac Luxor                    RESERVE: Reddawn Ignition 

                                                                                      Reserve Best Male             Best Male

                                                                     BEST IN SHOW:  Romac Luxor             RESERVE: Birkrigg Drizilla

                                                                        Reserve Best In Show                           Best In Show

                                                                                * Photos sent by Anne Jolleys and Dan Hotham