25th September 2021

Judge: Mrs Dreda Randall

Class 49 Female Kid. 4 were entered, all present.
First Franklin’s Willowbrae Lola
Second Franklin’s Fleur
Third Brown’s Rosebank Evie

Gransden 2021 Female kid

Class 50 Goatling. Four entered, 3 forward.
First Franklin’s Willowbrae Florence
Second Franklin’s Willowbrae Lily
Third Brown’s Rosebank Mercury

Gransden 2021 Goatling

Class 51 Adult Female. Five entered and forward.
First Franklin’s Richmor Honeyelsa, also Best in Show
Second Franklin’s Larkfield Rosemary
Third Brown’s Rosebank Amber

Gransden 2021 Adult Female

Class 52 Veteran. One entered and forward.
First Brown’s Alvis Alice, also Reserve Best in Show.

Gransden 2021 Veteran

Class 53 Wether/Pet over 1 year. Two present and forward.
First Franklin’s Willowbrae Domino
Second Brown’s Rosebank Misty.

Class 54 Dam & Progeny. One present and forward.
First Franklin’s Larkfield Rosemary

Gransden 2021 Dam Progeny

Best in Show  Franklin’s Richmor Honeyelsa
Reserve Best in Show Brown’s Alvis Alice
Gransden 2021 Best Reserve

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