Hosted by
The North Devon Agricultural Show 
4th August 2010

Judge: Mr M Brown


Female Kid (11 entries)
1st Dowgas Daisy Mrs J Clarke
2nd Sunnydene Crystal George & Prout
3rd Dreamers Bluebell Cater & Hemming

Goatling (7 entries)
1st Millview Casey Mrs S Davies
2nd Sunnydene Honey George & Prout
3rd Blendylake Madrilena Mrs L Cole

Adult Female (16 entries)
1st Sunnydene Amy George & Prout
2nd Dreamers Twinkle Cater & Hemming
3rd Gallaine Thelma Mr N Julian

Veteran Female (5 entries)
1st Solomons Barley Mrs J Clarke
2nd Lufflands Arabella Mrs J Kirwan
3rd Gallaine May George & Prout

Male Kid (6 entries)
1st Gallaine Velox Mr N Julian
2nd Sunnydene Storm George & Prout
3rd Gallaine Riley Mr N Julian

Buckling (3 entries)
1st Birkrigg Tobias Mrs L Cole
2nd Mountcross Lio Mrs S Davies

Adult Male (5 entries)
1st Marshview Borago Mr B Coombe
2nd Gallaine Morgan Mr N Julian
3rd Rowan Bentley Mr N Julian

Sire & Progeny (4 entries)
1st Heatherview Harley Mrs S Davies
2nd Rowan Bentley Mr N Julian
3rd Birkrigg Tobias Mrs L Cole

Dam & Offspring (4 entries)
1st Dowgas Daisy Mrs J Clarke
2nd Wenlockedge Bramble Cater & Hemming 
3rd Lufflands Freya Mrs B Halley


Pair of Goats (5 entries)
1st Dowgas Daisy & Magic  Mrs J Clarke
2nd Dreamers Bluebell & Binty Cater & Hemming
3rd Lord William & Benjamin of Nettleford Wigzel Family

Wether (8 entries) 
1st Blendylake Woody Mrs L Cole
2nd Panda Duke of Nettleford Wigzel Family
3rd Blendylake Jazz Mrs L Cole

  Pet Female (4 entries)
1st Blendylake Shasta Mrs L Cole
2nd Nettleford Buffy Wigzel Family
3rd Lufflands Araminta Mrs J Kirwan


Junior Handler (6 entries)
1st Greg Braund-Phillips
2nd Olivia King
3rd Millie Halley

Best Pet:  Blendylake Shasta
Reserve Best Pet:  Blendylake Woody

Res. B I S:  Marshview Borago
 B I S: Sunnydene Amy